Caught Monologuing

Check out my friend Ryan and my awesome podcast, Caught Monologuing. It’s a podcast where two nerds (plus maybe a guest or two) talk about Pop Culture, Movies, TV and so much more. Don’t forget to like and subscribe. Here are the links: iTunes- Soundcloud-

On Set with Errol Koenig Podcast

Check out my awesome podcast, On Set with Errol Koenig. These are short podcasts where I interview Academy Award-winning filmmakers, special effects coordinators, screenwriters, actors, producers and others on around a major movie picture set. Podcast series is designed to give students and young filmmakers insight into the background, inspiration and career paths for different […]

The Big Race

Here is my final project for my Animation class at JHU. Shout out to my Tiny Tony (Ryan Kunzer) Also, I wanted to thank my professor, Karen Yasinsky, and my TA, Max Bowens, for the Amazing class.