Early NBA Playoff Predictions: East


1. Bulls- Led by Derek Rose, The bulls are the one of the best teams in the league. They have the best Defense in the league. This team is armed with solid young players who have the talent to stay strong all season.

2. 76ers- The Sixers have the deepest team in the league. They are deep with 8 starting caliber players and even have other important pieces that add to their depth.

3. Miami- I hate this team because I am a Celtics fan and I also just flat out hate LeBron, However they still have talent and have the legs for the condensed season.

4. Pacers- Started hot and have a young team may tail off a little, but not much.

5. Orlando- Dwight Howard, need I say more. For the record, this is my prediction without the potential Howard trade.

6. Knicks- they have started slow, but will pickup when A’mare and Melo are both 100%

7. Celtics- they are old but too good not to make the playoffs. Once Pierce becomes fully healthy they could heat up, also they will beat all of the crappy teams that they come in contact with.

8. Atlanta- They will be just good enough to make the playoffs. Josh Smith and Joe Johnson can lead the team, but the injury to Horford will hurt their chances.